How to distinguish the good from the bad? Today has long since entered the office office era, which allows many companies to take the first step to consider the choice of office furniture, a good set of office furniture for the corporate environment as well as staff practicality has a very high value, but many people responsible for the purchase of office furniture do not know how to choose a set of office furniture for themselves, the following to see the distinction skills prepared for you:.

To choose an excellent set of furniture, first from the materials used and its inherent architecture, these specific are distinguished, see the following for details.

The first splicing surface to be neat:.

Whether it is paste wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-painted paper, we should pay attention to whether the skin is posted flat, there is no bulging, blistering, poor stitching phenomenon. We check the veneer stitching must be seen in the light, otherwise it can not be seen. Then again, you can use your hand to snap the corners, if a snap on up, indicating that there is a problem with glue.

The second office furniture water content.

Hotel furniture is most often in contact with oil, so if you choose wooden hotel furniture must be careful of its moisture content, the general moisture content must not exceed 12%, otherwise whatever wood will be easy to warp, deformation, that how to identify the moisture content it, we can sprinkle a little water to the wood is not painted, if the blot is slow or not blot, indicating a high moisture content.

Third Organizational structure.

The structure of the good or bad determines its service life, so how to judge it? In fact, you can pull the furniture in the selection of the concrete floor dragging a drag, gently drop a fall, the sound is crisp on the quality of good results, if the sound is dumb, there is a crackling noise, it means that the mortise and tenon combination is not tight, the structure is not firm, so the furniture is not much field time oh!

Fourth stereo balance.

Whether it is a table or a chair, there are often only three legs to the ground, crooked, sitting on it wobbly, so the purchase must be put on the table or chair on the flat ground wobbly, careful to buy.