1, the overall collocation.
A, the overall : choose office furniture to consider office furniture due to the specifications, style, color, etc., clever collocation, can be shaped into a simple and comfortable office environment.
B, size : choose office furniture in addition to the conventional product size, but also according to the site size requirements to tailor, you can make full use of space, but also according to the nature of use for flexible arrangements.
C, style: choose office furniture to consider and the overall style of office decoration to coordinate, in addition to the user can be in accordance with their preferences, thus increasing the combination of features to achieve the style they want.

2, clever combination: combination office furniture is now popular office furniture, the advantage is easy to disassemble, can be combined at will, rational use of space.
3, the principle of practical: many office furniture companies in order to meet the aesthetic requirements of customers, get out a lot of promotional office furniture, some of the aesthetics are beyond the practicality, as consumers, we must grasp the practicality of this standard.

4, rather than indiscriminate: office furniture is not a consumable product, in the purchase should face “rather than indiscriminate” guidelines, not less than the office is stuffed full, based on the use of the demand for additional purchases, such as desks, conference tables, office sofas, etc. are necessary for the purchase of products, these are the necessary office furniture products do not buy extra office furniture is necessary.

5, set aside space: an office decorated again beautiful, luxurious, but with the passage of time, this novelty will also be weakened. So the office furniture can not be placed too full, to leave room for future adjustments to the furniture, it is recommended to choose the office furniture can be adjusted for future adjustments to the space.